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My White Trash Family

My White Trash Family


The White Trash Series was developed while living in the South out of frustration with some of the prevailing ideologies, in particular, class distinction.   This ideology seems to be based on a combination of myth, biased history and a bizarre sentimentality about old wars and social structures.   With the juxtaposition of the portraits from museums, once painted on ivory, now on flattened trash like beer cans and fast food containers, the artist sets out to even the playing field, challenging the perception of the social elite in today's society.

" ... a clutch of beer cans ... crushed flat. On the surface of each was painted a bust dressed in 18th century collars and frocks, and posed as if standing for Gainsborough himself. The aristocratic air of the subject clashes with the disposability of the medium to create an exquisite tension suggesting volumes about the nature of family portraits and the value of art itself."

— Savannah Morning News Review


Kim Alsbrooks / 1630 S. Beulah Street Philadelphia, PA one9one4eight / / / 1988-89 University of Southern Illinois, graduate studies in printmaking 1983-86 University of Arizona, BFA 1985 1981-83 College of Charleston, fine arts Other — 1996 Fabric Workshop, Phila., apprenticeship 2013 Parallax Art fair, NYC SCOPE with West Collects, NYC Vertical Gallery in Chicago Jonathan Ferrara Gallery in New Orleans 2012 The Philadelphia Art Alliance, Phil., PA Mae Downs Pop-up 2012 The Shop, New Orleans, LA Exhibition 2012 Parlor Gallery, Asbury Park, NJ Strange Matters 2012 Snyderman Gallery, Phil., PA Recovered Delights 2011-12 Philadelphia Museum of Art, Phil., PA P.pod Pop-up 2011 The Philadelphia Sketch Club, Phil., PA The Art of the Flower The Plastic Club, Phil., PA Small Worlds Exhibition Art Connects New York, NY Dear Japan, WT 2010 Two Windows Project, Berlin About Face, Two Windows Project, Berlin Boxers and Fighters, 2009 Eakins House, Mural Arts Program, Phil., Creative Capitol, 2008 Bambi Gallery, Phil., Cherishables Neurotitan, Berlin, GA Diverse Chorus 2007 Toyroom Gallery, Sacramento, CA. Time Capsule Youngblood Gallery, Atlanta, GA Collected Works 2004 College of Charleston Halsey Gallery The Head Show 2003 Tryon Center, Charlotte, NC Pop-Aganda 2010 Bambi Gallery, Phil., White Trash 2008 Third Boat Gallery, Phil. Kim Alsbrooks 2005 Lime Blue, Chas. Splendour and Elegance 2012 The West Collection Prize Show and Purchase Award 2011 The Philadelphia Sketch Club Honorable Mention 1990 The University of Arizona, 12th Annual Alumni Show Honorable Mention 1989 Southern Illinois University, Purchase Award Show Purchase Award 1987 The University of Arizona, Alumni Show Show Award, Galleries - I have a gallery in Philadelphia, Snyderman/Works.


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